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Array as a query parameter has different formats in generated client and server



  • Support

    Hey there! Yes, we are aware of this issue. This is happening because there is no standard way to send array values in query. Three common ways are usually used i.e., the following.

    1) param1=val1&param1=val2
    2) param1[]=val1&param1[]=val2
    3) param1[0]=val1&param1[1]=val2

    The method (3) is most common and support by most servers, so we used it. I think we can add a CodeGen setting to allow users to customize this behaviour. Let me know if that would work for you :) .. BTW are you interested in other languages as well, other than java.

  • Vitalii Bashun

    Thanks for the answer.
    That's truth. Http specification doesn't declare any specific way to pass arrays.
    That would be a nice CodeGen option.
    Also we generate Python client libs.


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