API Editor Overview

This article is outdated. Please click here to see the newer version.

The API Editor allows you to define your API as well as tweak the code generation settings so that you can better customise the SDK to your needs.



The editor consists of three panels. 

  1. Side Navigator (left)
  2. Main Panel (center)
  3. Contextual Help (right)

Side Navigator 

The side navigator allows you to easily find and navigate to different sections of the API Definition. There are different sections are grouped under three categories: Settings, Endpoints and Models


Allows you to specify settings that apply to the overall API, these include such as specifying the Base URL , Authentication and CodeGen Settings. 


Contains the endpoints specified in your API. Endpoints can be grouped. This helps you to better organised your endpoints and makes the generated code more readable.  


Contains the models specified in your API. 

Main Panel

Displays the content that is appropriate to the active section.

Contextual Help

Contains useful information based on the location of the mouse.  

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