Generate SDKs inside Ready! API

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A plugin for SmartBear's Ready! API that allows you to generate client libraries (SDKs) directly from the for RESTful APIs imported in to the application for testing. The generated SDK contains platform specific code that enables the end-user (consumers of the API) to quickly invoke endpoints. 



Install the plugin via the integrated Plugin Repository available via the Plugin Manager in Ready! API.



The plugin offers the following feature set:

Generate SDKs right inside the editor.
The plugin enables you to generate high quality SDKs for all your API projects loaded in Ready! API. 

Import APIs from APIMATIC
Ensure that your API definitions in APIMATIC are correct by easily importing it for testing via Ready! API.

To have a fine grain control of your SDKs, you can import them in to APIMATIC. Using the user-friendly API editor, you can define request and response models that greatly improve the SDK's ease of use.


The plugin offers a small subset of platforms (C#, iOS and Android) available for code generation for free. To enable other platforms, users can register for free and login with their APIMATIC credentials. 

Generating SDKs:

The following steps illustrate the process of generating a C# Portable Class Library. Click here to find out more information about the various platforms we currently generate.

  1. Right-click on a project name and choose "Generate SDK"

  2. The figure below shows the platforms available for code generation. To generate our C# library select 

  3. After selecting the platform, you will be presented with the code generation settings available for the platform. These settings allow you to easily customise the SDK.

    For example, choosing File Config in Configuration Settings allow developers to provide SDK configuration parameters (e.g API Key) in a project configuration file as opposed to providing them at instantiation of a controller. Click here for more information about various code generation.

    We will continue with the defaults, and click Generate to download the SDK. 


Exporting to APIMATIC

Exporting your API in to APIMATIC allows you to modify your API, specify response & request models that are included in the client library. The following steps briefly describe the steps to export.

  1. Right-click on a project name and choose "Generate SDK".

  2. Select "Export API". This will ask for credentials and then start the export.


Importing from APIMATIC

The plugin also makes it easy to import your API defined in APIMATIC in to Ready! API. This can be a really useful tool ensure your definition is accurately models the implementation. The following steps briefly describe the steps to import.

 Option 1: Creating a new project

  1. Select “New” on the Projects tab and choose "Create empty project”.

  2. Select "APIMATIC API" as the project type. Then click OK.

  3. Enter the API key of your API. (This can be found on "My APIs" page). Click here for instructions on finding the API Key.  

Option 2: Importing in to existing project

  1.  Right-click on a project name and choose “Import from APIMATIC”.

  2.  Enter the API key of your API. (This can be found on "My APIs" page).


Validation Issues:

APIMATIC performs API validation prior to code generation. If in the odd chance that your API validation fails, the plugin will show a dialog containing the errors/ warning.  An example of such dialog is shown in the figure just below. In situations where the issues are not trivial to solve using Ready! API, importing in to APIMATIC to edit the definition might be a viable option. 

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