Getting your team ready

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Teams allow an easy way to share and collaborate on API definitions.

Being a team owner allows you share your subscription with other team members. Thus other team members can be on a free account while SDKs generated are recorded against the team owner's subscription. 


The instructions below will show you how to :

  1. Creating your team
  2. Adding a new member
  3. Sharing an API

Creating your team

 1. Navigate to My APIs > Team APIs,

2. Click on Create my team! This will create the team and redirect you to the team management page. From this page you can share APIs and add/remove members


Adding a new member

New members can be added to your team by simply entering their email address.

  1. From the Team management page, Click Members > Invite member
  2. Enter the email address of the team member you want to add. Then click Invite to send a email invitation.
  3. As shown below. the member is now added as pending. Once the user accepts the invitation, they will be able to see the shared APIs.



Sharing a API

A team member is able share their APIs they own. They can also apply read-only permission to prevent other team members from editing the definition.

  1. From the Team management page, Click APIs > Add new API
  2. Simply select the API you would like to share from the drop-down and toggle YES to allow team members to edit the API
  3. As shown below, the API is now listed as a shared API. 


4. As shown below, navigating back to  My APIs > Team APIs, now shows the shared API.

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